“If you joke or laugh or don’t seem to take things seriously, it may come off as hurtful, callous, or insults. You can approach the problem in a positive and optimistic way, but you do need to convey that you are taking it to heart and that you want to work together to fix it.”


So, I’ve learned a couple of new and interesting developments…about me…over the past 3 weeks. Mostly the news followed some sugar-coated warning like: you’re great but…, you would be so much better if, I could see us together IF…

I’m not perfect!

I make mistakes, sometimes I pick the wrong option but I’m still human, and I acknowledge that I will at some parts of my life, mess up.

I mess up much more than I envision, but hey, a mess up is a mess up, no matter how big or small. Sometimes (yeah yeah, most of the time), I get there too late to clean up the mess that I’ve found that someone else has (so diligently) cleaned up for me…and I don’t know what to do. Al fin, que será, será.

Il est trop tard…ou bien…peut-être si je…


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